What is RevGen?

Unhappy customers are 4 times more likely to tell others about their experience than happy customers. RevGen makes it easy and convenient for your happy customers to tell the world about their experience while allowing you to identify and provide solutions for your unhappy customers.

Generate Online Reviews

RevGen makes it incredibly easy for happy customers to find your review sites and write about their experience. Clients see an average of 5X more reviews per month.

Improve Business Efficiency

RevGen will help maximize customer feedback, giving you the intel you need to make impactful business decisions and improve overall efficiency.

Increase Revenue

A strong online reputation is often the difference between your customers choosing you over your competition. Stand out from your competition, increase traffic and grow your revenue.

The Future Is Bright

With an abundance of exciting enhancements on the way, RevGen will continue to grow into a robust, comprehensive customer service and marketing solution.