Tom Rudnai - Temecula Valley Toyota

Tom Rudnai

Temecula Valley Toyota

We went from a 4.1 on Google with 122 reviews to a 4.7-star rating with over 900 reviews in a little over a year. Can't get much better than that.
Brad Mugg - Norm Reeves Honda

Brad Mugg

Norm Reeves Honda

During our first 12 months with RevGen, we accumulated 1,788 reviews with 94% of them being positive. We're up over 137% year over year with RevGen.
Scott Wade - Villa Ford

Scott Wade

Villa Ford

We're extremely happy with RevGen. It's helped our online reviews but I'm most pleased with how it's helped us improve our customer service.

What is RevGen?

Unhappy customers are 4 times more likely to tell others about their experience than happy customers. RevGen makes it easy and convenient for your happy customers to tell the world about their experience while allowing you to identify and provide solutions for your unhappy customers.

Generate Online Reviews

RevGen makes it incredibly easy for happy customers to find your review sites and write about their experience. Clients see an average of 5X more reviews per month.

Improve Business Efficiency

RevGen will help maximize customer feedback, giving you the intel you need to make impactful business decisions and improve overall efficiency.

Increase Revenue

A strong online reputation is often the difference between your customers choosing you over your competition. Stand out from your competition, increase traffic and grow your revenue.

The Future Is Bright

With an abundance of exciting enhancements on the way, RevGen will continue to grow into a robust, comprehensive customer service and marketing solution.

Simple, easy and effective.

If your customer is happy, we drive them to review platforms to share about their experience. If your customer is unhappy, we connect your management team with them to resolve their issue and allow you to retain the customer.

Why RevGen over the other guys?

No text message fines

Text messaging carries huge risks. Avoid having to overhaul your business operations to abide by FCC regulations.

No added work for your team

RevGen is completely automated with no employee assistance required. Spend time doing what you do best: running your business.

No training required

RevGen is so simple that it requires no employee training. Focus on your business, not performing manual tasks that could otherwise be automated.

No long-term agreements

Annual agreements? Not with RevGen. We have customizable agreements to fit your business and drive results.

Quick installation

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get up and running. We’ll get you set up in as little as 24 hours.

It just works

Similar process, exceptional results. We achieve better results with fewer resources required from you and your team.

Our clients say it best.

Christopher Kerr - Earnhardt Auto Group

Chris Kerr

Earnhardt Auto Group

Hype and “RevGen” are fantastic. Impressed with their technology and personal touch they offer. Like a real extension of my team.
Jason Decker - Right Toyota

Jason Decker

Right Toyota

Year over year, we're up 380% in total reviews with 93% of them positive. I'd highly recommend RevGen to anyone looking to grow their reviews online.
Tony D'Amato - Newport Lexus

Tony D'Amato

Newport Lexus

We care about customer retention. We want to identify issues immediately and address them, and RevGen does just that for us.

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RevGen Plans and Pricing

Easy installation, no long-term agreements, results guaranteed.

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Review Generation
Automated Survey Deployments
Custom Scheduling of Survey Deployment
Migrate Positive Feedback Online
Send Negative Feedback to Management
Improve Customer Retention
Improve Business Efficiency
Increase Revenue
Dynamic Monthly Reporting
RevGen + Reputation MGMT
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Complete Reputation Marketing
Everything in the RevGen Plan PLUS:
Online Reputation Management
Immediate Responses to All Reviews
Custom / Personalized Responses
No Duplicate Responses
No Cookie-Cutter Responses
Leverage Positive Feedback
Dynamic Monthly Reporting


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